Cinco vermelhos (2018)

Cinco vermelhos

Quadrinho interativo com QR code

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"The story takes place in Japan's Edo Period, at a time when the samurai still dominate, begins on a fateful winter night when a family is brutally executed by a ronin, only the youngest daughter survives and is left to fend for herself. The years go by, and the paths she walks are tortuous, full of challenges. When the blade of the sword resounds throughout the earth, the sharp sound awakens its consciousness. "

VÍDEO - Cinco Vermelhos 2018!

Author and idealizer - Talessak. Original Soundtrack - Karla Dallmann Promotional video Music - SHW - Tsudzumi JAPAN 3.

“Cinco vermelhos“ is an independent and authorial comic Brazilian project. Released on Comic Con Experience 2018. This is graphic design for comics associated with interactive media and communication technologies, such as “Minski”," Green Eye "and other works I have done. The purpose of this work is to innovate and expand the way of telling a story in the universe of comics, intends to bring tradition along with modernity, through multimedia, of the interaction between physical book (HQ) and multimedia (animation). The QR code (barcodes), a “bridge” that approaches these different languages. Along with the pages of the comic, the reader has access to animated shorts, the original soundtrack of the story and making of the production. QR codes will be inserted in the pages of the comic book and will promote the link with videos, or animated shorts, and for that, you just need to download the application for free on your mobile phone.

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