Cover_sobre trilhos

Interactive comic book

Project contemplated by PROAC Editais 2018.

Release in 2019!

"Sobre Trilhos" is a graphic design for Comics, whose main theme is to tell stories inspired by the citizens that have been present among the users of the train cars of the city of São Paulo and in facts that were part of the history of São Paulo and the country, the characters move between the wagons and stations, surreal scenarios are alternated with contexts that have made or are part of the city. The project intends to rescue the trajectory of the train lines of the capital of São Paulo, to emphasize its socio-cultural value, especially the SP Railway and from the São Paulo stations, from its construction to the present day, as Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM).

  On the pages of the Comic will be inserted QRcode that refer the reader to other content available on the internet (interactive media) which makes the Comic also interactive.

To know more details about the project: ProAC Editais 2018

Comic Book and Animation project. Director and producer by Talessak. Original Soundtrack by Karla Dallmann All rights reserved.